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As Bespoke Director at Wallpaper* I worked closely with Accor, helping them cement art & design as a key brand pillar for their Pullman collection of hotels. This began with an artist-in-residence programme, inviting Swiss based Louisa Gagliardi to stay for a week, creating artworks to be exhibited in the hotel. 

Following this project my team created the brand guidelines for Pullman's 'Artist Playground' cultural initiative, and invited Adam Nathaniel Furman to create a spectacular installation in the lobby
of the London Hotel. As part of this campaign Adam was also commissioned to create a number of unique patterns for Pullman which would be used as a visual signifier of the 'Artist Playground.'

Header Photography: Sam Hofman

Global Nomad

In parallel we also worked with Pullman on the 'Global Nomad' series of films, developed to showcase the diverse nature of Pullmans global locations and their idea of the modern 'Global Nomad' - Pullman’s representation of the new generation of travellers and business leaders. 


Each commissioned film invited a different director to visualise the unique vibrancy of the city featured. The two examples here showcase Issac Locke's vision of Hong Kong and Jaro Minne's of Berlin, both produced by Somesuch.

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